Too Good to Be True

"Too Good To Be True" is truly worth it....

Although justifiably labeled as a "quickie", I can honestly say this has been one of the best romances I've read in recent weeks.  Ms. Friday- besides having a truly classic name- brings a great touch to a romance that reads something like the British, just slightly more, uh-hum, descriptive, novella version of a Jennifer Cruisie-Bob Mayer collaboration.  The main character, Mandy, is a sometimes (see: mostly) irreverent, recent divorcee that grabs your attention immediately with her colorful descriptions of the people around her, while expressing a completely authentic attitude towards her atypical Ex situation.  Jon, not to spoil the mystery, is basically an everyman/wet-dream.  Unlike the typical, remanufactured alpha male, where in many cases you can't really like the male lead, much less tell him apart from that other alpha you read about last week, he comes across as human AND likeable, Trouble or not.  He also reads as loving (which is always good) and very naughty (which is always great), though the focus, correctly, stays in first person, with our heroine.  The conversations are minimal, but very natural and appropriate, and the sex scenes are titillating without being the usual play-by-play.  You could call it "edibly kinky" erotica, with fairly tame ideas (plus some surprises) thrown in for kicks, just as a minor warning (aka: incentive).

Though I had previously not been aware of Ms. Friday's work, after reading "Too Good", I've made an effort to learn more.  Slightly eclectic, and not afraid to push the envelope, this is definitely an author to watch.  In the meantime, if you want proof, I recommend "Too Good To Be True".  Take an hour, maybe two, and you'll definitely be glued to the end, with all the nice little twists (yes Virginia, there is real plot in 60 pages or less) that make this a nicely satisfying read.  The only thing missing?   A longer dose away from reality.  Next time....

Book Blurb for Too Good to Be True

Length: Quickie
Mandy thinks her love life, not to mention her sex life, is over for good when her husband leaves her—for an older woman. A chance encounter with a gorgeous man begins to change her mind. Scarcely daring to believe her luck when Jon asks her to meet him again, she agrees. One dizzyingly fantastic night of lust later, Mandy is in heaven.
But Jon has a secret. Has Mandy moved from a cheating husband to a man with an even more sinister past? Will she get the chance to explore the range of sexual possibilities Jon is introducing her to, or is her new life too good to be true?
Anglophiles ahoy! Too Good to Be True has enough British witticism to fill a Guinness factory. But this is no stiff-upper-lip affair!

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2010 4.50