Between the Lines

“Between the Lines” is the condensed fantasy of any author’s- or just an aspiring one’s- romantic/professional epiphany. As it is, girl/guy meets guy/girl. Said like each other and happen to be fans of each other’s work. And finally, they fortuitously find that they do, in fact, have rampant chemistry in person, not just through author photos or reputation. What makes this story stand out is that I really felt that each character’s nature (naughty or… well, mostly naughty), and inherent hesitance as with any new relationship, was quite realistic. Instead of the tidy “happily ever after”, or even the strictly sex-capade adventure one might expect based on the synopsis of this novella (Warning: there IS somewhat graphic ‘kink’ between its pages), it instead shows a very modern yet traditional take on attraction and even the literature industry, with the motto that love and life take time to develop. To be completely honest though, I’ll admit I do miss that nicely wrapped ending, as many romantics might, which was one of the reasons behind my rating. The other… well, it is definitely an erotic fantasy, but loses much of its connection to the reader by focusing on what everyone BUT the main characters are reacting to, making it a rather slow plot... even with the entirety being under a hundred pages. For a short story, especially, I would have preferred to see at least more interaction, if not actual dialogue, between all of the characters. In particular, the secondary characters seemed to have been thrown in rather as bland scenery vs. function, so were forgettable even as I read their dialogue. Overall, I would say “BTL” succeeds in being a nice, quick diversion, but outside of its ‘novel’ premise, was, for me at least, a rather average read.

Book Blurb for Between the Lines

Lara Munroe is perfectly fine with the characters in her books having better sex lives than she does, until the night she meets Devin Monaghan.

When erotica writer Lara Munroe heads down to the ballroom to take part in an extravagant book launch, she has no idea her path will finally cross with political writer Devin Monaghan. He's smart, sexy, and roguishly handsome, and the chemistry between them is instantaneous. Lara feels her natural guard slip whenever she lays eyes on him. The thought of a night with Devin becomes more than a little distracting.

Devin, who could have any woman in the crowd to share his hotel bed, quickly sets his sights on Lara. He finds her alluring, beautiful, and intoxicating, and his attraction to the erotica writer had started long before their first encounter in the hotel elevator.

Lara and Devin have their careers to think about, a busy evening ahead, and very little chance for verbal communication. However, that doesn't stop them from coming together. They are both authors, and words are their greatest medium, but even they know that when it comes to figuring out how to get exactly who you want, it could be as simple as reading between the lines.

Night Owl Reviews Apr, 2012 3.00