Silent Lodge

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Silent Lodge

In the Company of Men

Six months have passed since the death of Peter's wife and child and Peter is a shell of his former self.  Thinking to help, Logan sends Peter to Marden's borders to see if Duke Weathers, their enemy, is going to be invading.  Once he arrives at the lodge, though, Peter finds more than he bargained for.  Arvel, the deaf/mute caretaker, sparks something in Peter even as he investigates.

Things become a wee bit complicated when Gareth, a mercenary and Arvel's lover, comes to the lodge.  Sparks fly in more ways than one as the three men find their way around each other, and Peter finds a place for himself with both Arvel and Gareth.

It is when he goes home to make a report on what is happening along the border region that Peter meets Caelin - a young man with physical and emotional scars looking to find his own place in the world.  Could he have found one with Peter? And would he be able to accept the arrangements back at the lodge?

The story was beautifully written with vivid characters.  Gareth and Peter have exactly the right type of personalities for their profession, though are softer than they would appear to strangers.  Caelin has depths that a few might not give him credit for, probably because of a personality that would get along with a lot of people if given the chance.  Then there is Arvel.  He may be physically fragile - and is deaf and mute - but, because of those limitations, he is the strongest of them all, with a bright shining spirit. 

Book Blurb for Silent Lodge

Genre: LGBT Historical
Length: Novel
Peter’s only had one experience with men, and it involved Duke Logan and his lover Drake, the mercenary, but Peter refused to explore their affections due to the love he felt for his wife. Six months after her death, and that of the unborn child she carried, Peter is devastated and barely functioning.
When Logan sends Peter on a mission to discover if their enemy, Duke Weathers, is going to invade Marden, Peter discovers more than he bargained for. He finds a reason to live in Arvel, the fragile young man who talks with his hands and eyes. However, when Arvel’s lover, Gareth, a mercenary, arrives, Peter and he are at odds, and not just over Arvel. Arvel wants to enjoy them both and he wants them to enjoy each other.
Peter soon finds life again with Arvel and Gareth, until he must return home to Marden and make his report. There, he meets Caelin, a beautiful young man with a scarred face, and realizes he has found his own special lover. And his new lover is ready and willing to take his place in the silent lodge.
At last, the circle is closed, and all four lives are complete.
Publisher's Note: This book contains explicit sexual content, graphic language, and situations that some readers may find objectionable: Male/male sexual practices, ménage/moresome (m/m/m, m/m/m/m).

Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2010 4.50