Double Agent

In the near future, most people live in an urban society where actions are controlled and monitored constantly. Under the auspices of an elite leadership, a program is underway to ensure that the best traits and characteristics are bred into new generations, and that undesirable attributes are aggressively culled. Enforced in a seemingly benevolent manner, still, there are some who wish to live free and who will go to any lengths to escape the confines of this stifling oppression. An uncommonly beautiful young woman, Johanna’s assignment is to become a breeder – to bear the enhanced children of the New Order. With her parents dead and the whereabouts of her younger brother uncertain, Johanna is determined to flee the city in order to avoid the repro-M order. To do this, she enlists the help of Thrasher, the one man she trusts to get her safely away.

This is a remarkably good dystopian novelette that I read quickly. In a terrible predicament, Johanna is forced to make impossible choices and keep soul-shattering secrets. Thrasher is an honorable man trying to survive in desperate times and devoted to protecting those who depend upon him. Filled with action and intrigue this story was easy to get into and effortlessly held my interest. I was just slightly disappointed with the final resolution, but it does leave the story open for future installments, which is welcome news. This book is suitable for older teens and adults.

Book Blurb for Double Agent

Thrasher never took chances with his freedom. Johanna gambled with her life. Only a few have escaped the New Order... Will they?

The year is 2016, and every conspiracy theory we worried about in 2010 has come true. Only a select few have escaped the New Order's control.

Thrasher never took risky chances with his freedom, so when Johanna approaches him and asks for his help to get to the refugee camp, he does what he'd promised he'd never do—he helps her escape. Little does he know that decision will change his world.

Johanna has two choices: go willingly into the repro-M order, or infiltrate the refugee camp. She never plans to fall for the survivalist who helps her escape. With pressure mounting, will she follow through with the plan, or lose the love of her life?

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2011 4.00