Black Roses

Chance Harris is a Grand Witch on a mission. Having fully come into her powers recently, Chance is enjoying her time exploring her new witchy world one lover at a time. But there is one man who has always been as elusive as a dream. Vampire Eric Clayton has always been a type of father figure to Chance, but she has always been head over heels addicted to him. She also knows that Eric wants her, and not in a fatherly way. Now her only problem is how to convince him of that small fact.

Chance and Eric provide a scorching story from start to finish. The world that is delivered in this novel is beautiful, and one that can easily develop into other stories. It is a novel of love and desire, and learning to trust one’s heart. It is also about the power of family, and how family, regardless of how unusual they are, often provides each other the solace needed to face the outside world. This is a beautiful story that romance addicts will read over and over again.

Book Blurb for Black Roses

Chance Harris is a powerful Grand Witch. Her obsession is one gorgeous vampire named Eric Clayton. She’s loved the vampire forever.

It’s time for Chance to take a mate, time for her to give up her promiscuity and settle down. She only sees one man, one vampire, that will suit her needs. But Eric Clayton can’t be caught that easily. He can only see the witch whose claim to fame is a very tight female anatomy. He can only see a woman with a tainted reputation.

One flower grows that can enchant a witch, the black rose. Will Chance ever see love and black roses in her future?

Their hearts will clash and ignite. A push and pull of emotions will ensue, ending in a love that will transcend time and last an eternity.

Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2012 4.00