The Accidental Pirate

What an absolutely fun and sexy read. The story moves fast and is full of action and humor. The sparring between Sterling and Jamie is priceless and the sexual tension is constantly in the mix. I love that there was not only one love story but two as the supporting characters find passion on the high seas as well. Jamie is quirky and relatable and Sterling is sarcastic and mouthwatering. I look forward to reading more from Virginia Nelson.

Jamie has unintentionally stolen a priceless necklace that she passionately believes should be in a museum. Unfortunately, as with most spur of the moment ideas she has, it has landed her in hot water. Before she knows it she has stolen a ship that, much to her consternation, still has its sexy owner aboard. Sterling is frustrated and bemused by the cute little thief who tried to steal his ship--And drawn to her. The more he tries to seduce her the more she resists. Will they act on their mutual attraction or will Jamie continue to ignore her feelings?

Book Blurb for The Accidental Pirate

Hangover, check. Ship, check. Hot babe, check.

Sterling McCabe woke to a lovely lady pirate stealing his ship. What he didn't plan on was the assault she'd make on his heart.

Jamie Ashley stumbled over a priceless necklace. What she didn't plan on was stealing the very sexy Sterling McCabe's ship in a mad dash for American waters.

Constantly battling their attraction, Jamie and Sterling are in for a rough ride. Jamie yearns for the affection of the beguiling Sterling while McCabe is desperate to slake the raw desire for his little pirate.

Boat chases, wild friends and a sea tempest create the perfect storm of sexual tension...

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 4.50