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The Replacement Guitarist

The Replacement Guitarist, #1

The Replacement Guitarist by Lori Toland was a pleasure to read. The heroes are both sexy and very easy to like. The storyline moved along quite quickly and smoothly. Once I started The Replacement Guitarist, I couldn’t put it down. This is the first book I’ve read written by her, and it won’t be the last.
When Blaze Shinozuka was asked to audition to win the honored position as the lead guitarist for the spoiled and very famous singer, Cassie, he thought he’d hit the jackpot. Blaze is comfortable with the knowledge that he’s a talented musician. As a recent musical college graduate, music has been pretty much been the focus of his young life. In many ways, Blaze is quite naïve. Although he’s learned to stand up for some of the things he’s believed in, he’s basically lived a pretty sheltered life.
Blaze has never had a relationship before.  Although Blaze has been attracted to both sexes, he’s never felt an emotional/physical pull of intense chemistry with anyone he’s ever met before. So, when he goes to the audition and meets Cassie’s manager, Jason Stockton, he immediately overwhelmed by the intense attraction between them. 
Jason Stockton has been cleaning up Cassie’s messes for her entire career. She’s been notorious about sleeping with her lead guitarists. Her love ‘em and leave ‘em attitude has once again gotten Jason auditioning for a replacement guitarist. The moment that Blaze Shinozuka walks in the door Jason is not only floored by the sheer talent the younger man has, but there is an attraction between them that seems to be calling to his heart.
As the men become aquainted and fall into a tentative relationship, there are misunderstandings and people who are working against them being together. Plus, with Jason’s issues of being scorned by a lover in a past and Blaze’s fear of coming out to his family as having a man for a lover, they must learn to trust in each other and the love that develops between them.
I really liked this book. The physical chemistry between Blaze and Jason was scorching hot. Plus, I also really enjoyed how in many ways Jason and Blaze are polar opposites of each other. Jason is older and more conservative, while Blaze is young and more carefree. I definitely appreciated that although they almost fall in love at first sight, they have to truly work to make their relationship succeed.
When I finished this book, I felt like this was just the beginning of their story and possible life together. There are many unresolved issues between them. Plus, with Blaze being young and inexperienced I wonder if that will be a problem for them in the future. There are times he has fantasies about women and I admit that bothered me a little. Don’t get me wrong, the book ends happily, but I’m not sold that they truly have a future together. I have a feeling that they will still have a long road ahead of them. 
All in all I really liked this book and I’m looking forward to reading more from Ms. Toland. I tried to find a website on her, but I couldn’t find one. I did find a her blog.  I just read on her blog that she’s working on/submitting The Replacement Guitarist 2. I’m very anxious to see how everything turns out with this couple. It will definitely be a must read for me to see if Blaze and Jason continue to work together and truly have what it takes to fight for their love in the end.
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Book Blurb for The Replacement Guitarist

Blaze Shinozuka has two goals: get a job as a guitarist and lose his virginity. At an audition for a famous pop star, he draws the attention of celebrity manager Jason Stockton—and their instant attraction sends his world careening off its axis just as he is thrust into the gritty world of rock 'n' roll.

Straight-laced music manager Jason Stockton is always professional and never dips his pen in the company ink. But there is something about Blaze that leaves him wanting what he shouldn't. The guitarist’s exotic beauty and compelling innocence is a temptation Jason can’t resist.

After one lie in the national media pushes them apart, Blaze must decide whether he will trust Jason, a man he shouldn’t touch, let alone love. The cutthroat, jealous world of rock 'n' roll, has chewed up and spit out the toughest musicians, and Blaze vows he will be the last man standing, even after the music stops.

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