In The Pale Moonlight

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In The Pale Moonlight

In the Pale Moonlight is the second book I’ve read by Sunny Moraine. I have to say I’m extremely impressed by this author, and her books have become an automatic buy for me. For a novella that falls just under forty pages, it really packs a lot of punch.  I was happily surprised that even though it is a shorter story, it really doesn’t read like one. I thought the story was creative and beautifully written and I really hated to see it come to an end.
Rhys lives alone by choice. Even though he is part of a clan called the “People” and their population is steadily dying out, he can’t bring himself to live a lie and mate with a member of the opposite sex. Since werewolves mate for life, he knows it wouldn’t be fair to the woman or himself, so he chooses to live a life of solitude on the outskirts of his ancestry estate. One night, Rhys comes across a young gentleman who has trespassed upon his land. Instead of killing or maiming him, he’s shocked that he finds himself wanting to take the man home and give him shelter instead. The more the young man is around him, the more Rhys is confused by his protectiveness and budding feelings he has for the man.
James comes from a life of privilege. When he was pushed to marry, he realized he could not live a lie. Knowing that his attraction to other men is taboo, he chooses to run away from the glitz and glamour of this families wealth and try to make it on his own. He quickly has a reality check when he realizes that he has no money for shelter or food. When he finds an abandoned and run down hut, he decides to take shelter there. But, when an overly large man comes in an tells him he’s trespassing on his land, James is not only frightened of the man, but intrigued as well. As Rhys takes him home and under his wing, both men start a friendship and are fighting a budding attraction that either man is not sure they should be feeling. When James finds out about Rhys heritage, will he be able to accept the unexplainable? Will both men be able to work past hurts and give into the attraction and love they feel for one another?
I loved this book. The lyrical way that Ms. Moraine writes immediately captivated my attention from the first paragraph until the last word. Both heroes are very well written and deliciously flawed people. I liked the folklore behind “The People” and I rejoiced when Rhys and James were able to finally give into their attraction and feelings with one another. My only gripe is that I wish this had been a longer novel. I would have liked to have seen how James and Rhys adapted to their new life together. Although, I got the heavy impression that all will be well and end happily with them.
Sunny Moraine also has a very informative and beautiful website. Here is the link if you are interested in learning more about her and her other works:

Book Blurb for In The Pale Moonlight

Moonlight can show a great deal more than sun…

For years, Rhys has lived alone on his isolated patch of land, far from his brothers and sisters, shunning all human company. For years, it has been enough for him to hunt alone, without a pack or mate, and for years he had been sure that it would always be that way.

But certainties can play tricks on a certain mind. One night, Rhys finds a young man, James, huddled in a ruined hut on his land. And when--against his better judgment--he agrees to offer James shelter in his own house, everything begins to change. Haunted by a past he can't escape, Rhys finds himself far too tempted by the presence of young human flesh. James becomes far too curious about his mysterious host. And one fateful night could seal the future for both of them, the moonlight revealing too much to be denied.

Contains: male/male acts of loving.

Night Owl Reviews Oct, 2010 4.75