A Neighbor's Ultimatum

I want to begin this review by saying that I had no idea when choosing A Neighbor's Ultimatum that is was a sequel to a previous title by Qwillia Rain. After reading this book, I am disappointed that I did not read the first book before reading this one. It isn’t that A Neighbor's Ultimatum doesn't stand on its own, but I missed the characters' initial meeting and relationship building. I only got glimpses of scenes from their early relationship, and those glances assured me that I missed an extremely good book.

In the beginning, I was struck by the feelings Garrick has for George, and his stubbornness and sheer will at not showing his attraction. I immediately loved him, but wanted to shake some sense into him. Qwillia Rain did a phenomenal job of boldly illustrating the emotional connection and commitment Garrick, George and Gina share. While Garrick is being stubborn and depriving himself of his need to be with George, Gina is realizing just what is going on, and she takes extreme steps to correct the problems in her family. Then there is George, the strong dominant man who needs, above all else, to make Gina happy, even if it costs him what he wants. While these three did frustrate me at a few turns, I could not deny that they were realistic people with faults and flaws, and I could relate to them in most every situation. The addition of Vince was a very nice touch. He is a man I would love to read more about. I can imagine most men in his position being selfish and taking advantage, but instead, he was wise, understanding and caring. As much as I loved Garrick and George, I can’t help but feel Vince was my favorite character in this book, even if he was a secondary addition.

A Neighbor’s Ultimatum is a character driven story; therefore the only real plot to this book is the relationship between Garrick, George and Gina. However, they had a huge problem to overcome, and I enjoyed watching their struggles play out in a very well-written way. This is my first Qwillia Rain book, and I am shocked that I have obviously missed out on so much. I look forward to reading more from this emotion-evoking author.

Re-Issued Review - New Publisher. Original Review 1/2/2010

Book Blurb for A Neighbor's Ultimatum

There's a distance growing between Gina and her men, but she seems to be the only one willing to admit it. If she can't get them to see that something is wrong, the baby she's trying to conceive may not be the only dream she'll have to give up. As their first anniversary approaches, what began as a neighbor's needs three years earlier may require A Neighbor's Ultimatum to save her family.

Gina had everything a woman could want. A job with summers off, a nice house, and not one, but two husbands determined to keep her happy—in bed and out. And now the child she's been dreaming of having might be in the cards. Everything's perfect...until it's not, and her family's starting to come apart at the seams.

George and Garrick have a problem, but they won't admit it. They're interested in each other and neither's willing to come clean about it. Gina's about had it. With their first anniversary weeks away, something has to give or there won't be one. So Gina lays down the law.

Maybe if Meeting A Neighbor's Needs brought them together A Neighbor's Ultimatum will keep them that way.

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2012 4.25