Open Proposal

Samantha Brooks and Eve Penn are partners, in law and in love. But Sam has a desire for something Eve can’t fully give her. A man in her bed. Or can she? When Eve suggests Sam hook up with her best friend, Roman Walker, Sam can’t say no.

Roman has been in love with Eve for a lifetime. They have been best friends since childhood, but nothing else. Roman would love to have more with Eve but knows that is probably a dream that will never be fulfilled. Until Eve calls and makes an offer he can’t refuse. Sex with Eve’s lover Sam could lead to more, or at least that’s Roman’s hope.

Ms. Gunn explores the facets of love with taste, tact and lots and lots of hot steamy sex. She lovingly illustrates that love comes in many forms and fashions and can happen when and where you least expect it. And that adding physical love to emotional love can really lead to something deeper than either alone.

This short story was very well written and well paced and had me enraptured from the get go. I would have loved to delve deeper into the lives of these wonderfully intriguing characters. I look forward to reading more from Ms. Gunn and recommend this work.

Special Notes: This is an erotic work and shouldn’t be read by those under the age of 18. It contains female/female sexual relationships as well as a ménage and shouldn’t be read by those opposed to same sex relationships.

Book Blurb for Open Proposal

Contemporary/Molten Silver
Samantha and Eve have it all: a beautiful home, successful careers, and a loving relationship. When the use of a sex toy brings Sam's latent desires to the forefront, the women decide to find someone who can give Sam the one thing that Eve cannot.
Roman--Eve’s best friend from childhood--is surprised by their unusual request, but agrees to play anyway. Eve has always been able to count on Roman to be there when she needed him.
What she hadn’t counted on were her own feelings regarding him. Will an open proposal mark the end of a friendship or the beginning of something more than any of them could have anticipated?
Contains: homoerotic F/F sex; menage M/F/F, F/M/F

Night Owl Reviews May, 2010 3.75