Five Alarm Lust

Canadian Heroes

Gillian and Jack make a great couple in this blazing read. At first they do have their own issues to resolve. Gillian meets Jack and they have a night of sex like she's never had. She and walks away the next morning, but Jack wants more.

I did think Gillian is was very insecure and needed to get a back bone and stand up for herself. She had an overbearing controlling mother who wanted Gillian to be at her beck and call, she felt like she owed it to her. Also her ex-boyfriend controlled her and he was in jail. Gillian was trying to change her life, but it wasn’t quick enough. It was hard to see Gillian go through the abuse her mother reigned down on her. The author did a great job of bringing that to life. I sometimes felt as if Gillian was still a child, she worked and could support herself so why so long before she cut ties with her mom.

Jack Payle was great at being patient with Gillian. He didn’t rushing her and told her how he felt and how she made him feel. Gillian was very insecure and was trying to change her life and was getting some help, but not fast enough. I felt sorry for her.

Jack doesn't know why this Gillian is different from all his other women, but something about her is. Can Gillian overcome her fears of never being loveable, wanted or desired? Can they work through her problems?

Overall this was an OK read.

Book Blurb for Five Alarm Lust

Survivor Gillian Hilliard is finally healing from a nightmare past. Fearing no man will ever find her attractive, she hides behind simple attire and large glasses. When Gillian meets firefighter Jack Payle, she is instantly attracted, and enjoys a wild night of sex with him. But in the cold light of day she’s torn apart by guilt and shame, and retreats to the familiar comfort of her simple, if unfulfilling, life.

After years of chasing the wrong kind of woman, Jack is shocked by the instant attraction he feels for the mousy historian with shadows in her eyes and passion simmering beneath her surface. Jack can’t get past the lust firing his blood or the memories of her response to his touch, for passionate, sexy Gillian is everything he’s ever wanted. Are they strong enough to face down the demons haunting Gillian? Can she trust the man who holds her heart with her darkest secrets and accept his help to overcome the shadows of her past? Or will the darkness destroy them both?

Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2012 3.00