One Bite Stand

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One Bite Stand

Mackenzie Vampire Series Book 4

One Bite Stand picks up a year after Decan MacKenzie visited the Woo Woo Inn in the book Night Bites. Decan is a MacKenzie vampire and is a very dark character. He is also very yummy and just needs to find the right "woman" to make him complete. His perfect match is not human or vampire, but a half-harpy half-god. With that combination Decan is sure to be in for a crazy and dangerous situation.

Daria, a half-harpy half-god is not all she wants to be. She doesn't look as ugly as she would like. No self-respecting harpy has a beautiful shapely body that has Decan looking for a good time. Daria would do anything to be the ugliest thing in hell, but alas she is not. Daria is only working at the Woo Woo Inn so that she can find someone to kidnap and take to Hades. The more powerful the person she kidnaps the better, maybe Decan would fit the bill or a were-rabbit.

Decan is really attracted to Daria, but he doesn't do relationships. He is a One Bite Stand kind of man. Will Daria haul Decan off to Tartarus? Will Decan find that he wants to spend more than a One Bite Stand with Daria? How will these two completely different "people" find love and save the world.

Woot for the Woo Woo Inn. This was a fantastic romp into the paranormal and I can't wait to visit again. I loved the combination of characters. You don't often read about a harpy heroine and a vampire. I love to see odd combinations and you will experience lots of those at the Woo Woo Inn. Sparkle Stardust and Mede were also running the Woo Woo Inn and every book with them will have you hot and bothered, while laughing out loud. So, if you want to be entertained throughout a whole book then pick up One Bite Stand.

Book Blurb for One Bite Stand

Daria never quite lived up to the nightmare reputation the rest of her kind had. Now she has a chance to prove herself. She can win the favor of Hades by delivering vampire Declan Mackenzie to Tartarus. Easier said than done once love enters the games.

Night Owl Reviews Dec, 2007 4.25