Bound to Two

Winter Sloane has come out with a BDSM menage story that is completely riveting! From the first page to the last, I just could not put "Bound to Two" down. I fell in love with these characters!

Sarah Evans is a young woman who enters Damon and Jarod Bently’s BDSM club. She has them hooked. But they can’t understand why she looks so haunted. So Damon approaches her at the bar one night to find that she’s been the victim of abuse. After careful coaxing, he and his brother Jarod convince her to scene with them, but she disappears.

Damon and Jarod have not been serious about a woman since their sub died years earlier, but they find themselves enchanted by Sarah. So they manage to track her down. She feels safe with them, but a monster from the past is determined to have her back at any cost.

Winter Sloane has done a fantastic job with this tale of two hot doms and the broken woman they come to love.

Book Blurb for Bound to Two

If they can solve the puzzle that is Sarah, she may double her pleasure.

Damon and Jared Bentley seem to have it all—wealth, standing, and ownership of an elite BDSM club. But since they lost the woman they loved, none of life’s pleasures have been as sweet. Until they meet Sarah.

Underneath her polite veneer, ink, and scars, Sarah Evans hides her pain and damaged soul. She strives to remain an enigma to the Bentleys for fear her secrets could destroy them. But the brothers know they’ve finally found the sub they’ve been longing for…and they won’t give up until they claim Sarah for their own.

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Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2018 4.50