Wicked Fireman

Hard and Ready Book 2

Sam Crescent certainly turns up the heat and the heart with this fiery BBW romance. I might have mentioned a time or two just how much I enjoy heroes who love BBW women and this author definitely creates the type of heroes worthy of that title. Dwayne is confident without being cocky and determined without being obnoxious. Blair has been hurt but she’s a strong, beautiful smart woman. I loved watching the back and forth between these two both so convinced things would go exactly to their plans and watching them both adapt when things didn’t. I couldn’t wait to see just who was going to come out on top and it was totally worth staying up late to see the outcome. After all who really has to be alert every day for work? Honestly do yourself a favour and get this book. A sexy firefighter, a curvy cutie and whole lot of palatable attraction makes for a super hot story you’re going to love.

The Story: Firefighter Dwayne is new to small town life but after meeting his boss’s daughter he knows he made the right move but can he convince Blair to ignore the past and embrace the future, a future with him?

Book Blurb for Wicked Fireman

From the moment Dwayne sees Blair, he wants her. He wants all of those beautiful curves to himself. But she’s his boss’s daughter, and he’s the new guy in town, still trying to prove that he’s not just some flighty city boy.

She’s already had a messy breakup, and Blair has no interest in a relationship now. Every woman in town wants to date the new guy, but he only has eyes for her. She’s attracted to him but is afraid of anything serious.

After one night of harmless sex, Blair tells him straight that they’re just having fun. Dwayne likes to have fun, and he’s determined to show her exactly what she’s been missing out on.

From sex outdoors, to dancing, to sharing a picnic, Dwayne proves that he’s not only fun but dirty as well. Then comes one romantic dinner beneath the stars and what was once “just fun” changes, deepens.

Can Blair risk telling him that her feelings for him have changed? What will happen when Dwayne risks his life, running into a burning building to save another?


Night Owl Reviews Jul, 2018 4.50