Four Kings Empire Book 1

Sam Crescent does an amazing job with this longer length dark romance. Taylor is probably the most determined heroine I have ever met. I mean seriously the lengths she went to to end up where she is today is remarkable and a bit unsettling. Axton is an enigma. This is the first hero I’ve ever encountered by this author who didn’t immediately reveal his feelings for the heroine. I must say I missed that; there is just something about powerful Alpha males who know what they want and leave me the reader and the heroine in no doubt as to his desires. I loved how intense Axton is and I loved seeing them let their guards down with one another. I enjoyed the connection between the Four Kings, however I’m not a fan of flashbacks although it did reveal a lot of insight. I’m looking forward to seeing the other royal guys find their matches and learning a little bit more about them beyond the facade they present to the public. Over all this is yet another well written, sexy read from one super talented author and I suggest you pick it up because I doubt you’ll be as picky as I am.

The Story: It’s been years since Taylor pulled her best friend’s body out of the lake but she’s been preparing and waiting for this day. Now is her chance to take down the man she knows is responsible for that death she just needs to discover which of the Four Kings it is.

Book Blurb for Axton

Ten years ago, the Four Kings killed my friend.

I’m not going to kill them.

I’m going to make every single one of them pay.

Make them pray for death, and take everything they’ve ever loved.

This is not revenge. This is justice.

Plain and simple.

It's been ten years and the girl he once knew is back, working for the Four Kings as their PA. He'll keep an eye on Taylor, and he certainly won’t let anyone else touch her.

When Taylor had to pull her best friend’s dead body out of the lake, it changed her life forever. Discovering a diary, she uncovered a secret relationship with one of the four kings. The four most powerful families in town. No one goes up against them without losing everything they hold dear. Something happened between her friend and one of them, and she’s going to find out what. She'll bring them down and make sure they stay down.

Be Warned: sex toys, public exhibition, anal sex

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2018 4.00