Claimed by Desire

Allison and her best friend, Samantha decided to go together and buy a condo. Bryson owned the condo building and was selling the condos at a reduced price to cut his costs. In the process of inspecting one of his condos, he came upon Allison, deciding if she wanted to buy the condo. One thing led to another and Bryson and Allison had a steamy night of sex and when Allison woke up, Bryson was gone. Just her luck, Allison wound up pregnant.

Ooh, Claimed by Desire is erotic and so-very-steamy. The sex is explicit and will definitely raise your temperature. The story is oh-so-romantic and emotional and the characters mesh together extremely well. Allison and Bryson get down-and-dirty in the beginning, are separated for a bit, and then the path that brings them back together is harrowing and disastrous, but very well written. The love is evident and you'll certainly get the warm-and-fuzzies while reading Claimed by Desire. I was thoroughly entertained and it was a joy to read.

Book Blurb for Claimed by Desire

A Good girl Gone Bad…

Certified Public Accountant Allison Cain screwed up. Against her better judgement, she sleeps with a man she meets for the first time. The next morning he is no-where to be found. She is left alone and feels used. But that wasn’t the end of her torture, because Allison discovers her one night stand leaves her with more than hurt feelings.

A Billionaire with everything except…

Bryson Anderson Jr., multi billionaire real estate developer has it all; money, power, women, even his own island. A real estate acquisition brings him face to face with the alluring Allison once again on the tropical Cayman Islands. When he hears Allison is expecting his heir as a result of their explosive one night stand, a primal urge for a family is born. However, he has to convince an angry Allison to be a family even if it’s just for their child.

He didn’t realize he could lose his heart in the process.

When Bryson becomes the target of a jilted rival out to destroy him, Allison and Bryson will have to fight for their lives and their hearts—before it’s too late.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.75