Owned by the Alpha

This 12 book collection is full of Alpha shifters on the hunt for their mate. These alphas live for the hunt but sometimes they have to chase there mate. Overall this is a great collection of stories from a set of amazing authors.

Each book in this 12 book collection is a winner. Each alpha is special in there own way. Whether convincing a deer shifter to be the perfect mate for a wolf or trying to court a mate they are each special in there own way. If you are a fan of shifter books or just a fan of one of these authors you will find something to enjoy here. This collection is one of the best sets of books I've read. I hope other readers jump on board and get this wonderful collection.

Book Blurb for Owned by the Alpha

The Alpha lives for the hunt...

Driven by instinct, an Alpha shifter recognizes his fated mate from one scent, one touch. He'll pursue his woman, regardless of the cost, and anyone else would be smart to get out of his way. He won't stop until he takes possession of his prize.

Although the hunter doesn't need convincing, his mate certainly does. The Alpha will have to prove himself as a lover and convince his woman that he plays for keeps.

Scent of Destiny by Rose Wulf, Taken Mate by Sam Crescent, Finders Keepers by Stacey Espino, The Hunt by Doris O'Connor, Alpha at Altitude by Lily Harlem, Fated to the Razorback Demon by Maia Dylan, Running Home by Michelle Graham, Alpha's Sunshine by Elyzabeth M. VaLey, Checkmate by Wren Michaels, Frozen Heart by Beth D. Carter, Wolf Hunter by Elena Kincaid, Returning to the Coyote by Roberta Winchester

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2017 4.00