His Unexpectedly

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His Unexpectedly

Wild Ride to Love book 3 (Stands-Alone)

Jenna was devastated emotionally and physically by the betrayal of her first love when she was just seventeen. Now thirty, life is good. Jenna loves her freedom and rambling lifestyle; after-all, the universe always provides. When her car breaks down on the way to her sister’s wedding, Jenna meets Mark and hitches a ride. Mark, a marine biologist, is an organized person who is happy with his simple, structured life. Unencumbered by most material possessions, he travels the world. Mark is currently on his way to a symposium in Vancouver where he is to make a Presentation. Mark and Jenna’s three day trip up the California coastline turns out to be an enlightening journey of discovery that makes both question deeply held convictions, as they share secrets and intimacy.

Mark and Jenna feel an instant mutual attraction, but when they kiss, they are unprepared for the emotional fall-out and internal turmoil of that experience. This story is a testament to the power that love has in our lives and how it shapes and molds us continuously. It also is a reminder that each of us is responsible for the health of our planet. Mark and Jenna are environmentalists trying to protect wildlife and resources. They are likeable main characters; each with little quirks and flaws. Jenna’s family is especially well-described and believable, also.

The story skips about; first being told from Jenna’s perspective, in the first person, then switching over to Mark’s perspective, but told in third person. I found the transitions disconcerting and think the cadence and flow would have been smoother – more lyrical - written entirely from a third person perspective. Still, the sex was romantic and erotic and I definitely felt the chemistry between Mark and Jenna in their intimate encounters. This book is the third in what I assume will be a four part series but it is completely readable as a stand-alone book. I recommend this book for mature readers who enjoy heat in a professionally edited book with an engaging and believable plot.

Book Blurb for His Unexpectedly

Free spirit Jenna Fallon avoids commitment of any sort. When her car breaks down en route from California to Vancouver, what fun to hitch a ride with a sexy marine biologist, and show him one wild road trip. Globe-trotting Mark Chambers isn’t about to say no. Jenna bewitches and bedazzles him as they make their way up the Pacific Coast. For the first time ever, he wants commitment – with a woman who shuns the concept. Can Jenna overcome deep-seated insecurity and believe what her heart tells her – that this wild ride has an unexpected and very special destination: love? 

Night Owl Reviews Jan, 2011 4.25