The Mighty Quinns: Danny

The Mighty Quinns, Blaze #647

This was another installment in The Mighty Quinns series that I just absolutely loved. I really enjoyed how Danny Quinn and Jordan Kennally hit it off so well together when they first met each other. Sparks were definitely flying every time these two were near each other and I definitely hoped that they would act on their desires for one another. Once they did, the storyline's heat index definitely jumped up a few notches and made this Blaze title a hot one without a doubt. If you're looking for characters that are paired perfectly together while enjoying a fantastic storyline wrapped around the majestic location of Ireland, than look no further. This Blaze title doesn't disappoint!

Book Blurb for The Mighty Quinns: Danny

Interior designer Jordan Kennally is furious when she's shut out of the family business and assigned to convert an old mansion…in Ireland. So long, Big Apple; hello, Emerald Isle! But then Jordan catches a glimpse of blacksmith Danny Quinn. Maybe there is such a thing as the luck o' the Irish…and she's hoping she's about to get really lucky.

The attraction between them is instantaneous… and electric. And Danny isn't shy about introducing Jordan to another kind of Irish hospitality—one that uses beds in a far more interesting way. But she's his boss. He's an artist. Is it just a matter of time before her luck—and getting lucky with Danny—runs out? 

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00