Blaze #648

Ms. Wilde has penned another novel that not only entertains your soul, but also yanks at your heartstrings as well. Her characters are well-rounded and her storyline immediately pulls you in. I had hoped that Kiara Romano, who lived to have her family's vineyard succeed, seemed to be completely against anything having to do with romance. But that seemed to change once she met Wyatt DeSalme, an undercover agent who was fishing around for information in her family's vineyard. Sparks were undeniable between these two characters and I hoped that Wyatt could convince Kiara that the attraction they were sharing together was something that shouldn't be taken lightly. This author knows how to pen stories that fans want to read. This is definitely another Blaze title that shouldn't go unnoticed this month.

Book Blurb for Intoxicating

Playboy Wyatt DeSalme is playing spy games—infiltrating tiny Bella Notte winery and using his highly developed senses of taste and smell to learn company secrets. But his most intoxicating discovery is the woman in charge….

Workaholic Kiara Romano lives for her family's island vineyard, and she's always been antiromance…but she's positively drunk on Wyatt's soulful eyes and electrifying touch. Their steamy trysts around Idyll Island are pure magic. But lust can't outweigh trust…and Kiara's about to learn the sobering truth.

Night Owl Reviews Nov, 2011 4.00