Our War

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Our War

The Family Book 4

What an amazing way to close this series!

Jake and Emily had to marry to keep The Family safe. Their relationship started out as the classic arranged mafia marriage with preconceptions on both sides. Jake thought that Emily was a brat while she believed that he and his three friends were monsters. Obviously, that wasn't the case and they both ended up totally liking each other. Emily made the perfect wife for Jake. She was tough and not afraid to pull the trigger, which came in handy since Jake had a lot of enemies.

I loved Sam Crescent's writing on this one. As usual, the characters were vibrant and charismatic. The story was fast paced, action packed, and yes, it was screaming hot.

I was so happy with how this series ended, and can't wait to see what else Sam Crescent has in store for readers next.

Book Blurb for Our War

Jake has married for the sake of The Family, and no matter what, he must make his marriage work. Emily Bracken is nothing like he imagined she would be. She's a firecracker, no denying that, but she is also a kind, thoughtful woman. Of course, she didn’t want to marry him either. Now they can either make their lives miserable, or they can make the most of a bad situation.

Emily didn’t know what to expect with Jake. He’s a leader in The Family, cocky and an asshole, yet there is a darkness about him that she can connect with. She sees what Jake has to fight with every single day, but he’s not alone anymore. She never asked to be part of this world—and neither did he. Together, they can find a way to fight for their shared life.

When The Family is attacked, Jake knows the time for commitment has come. He must fight for his friends, for his woman, and for what he wanted The Family to be, or lose everything.

Can four boys finally show their enemies they are not to be messed with? Can Jake bring himself to love Emily? Is there any way they can have a happily ever after? It’s the final war. Who will win?

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Night Owl Reviews Jun, 2017 4.00