A Duke's Desire

Marrying ones ward is frowned upon, but Jared St. James must. He can’t be with anyone else. She consumes his every thought and he’s unable to perform sexually with anyone else. But will she turn him away or accept his offer of marriage?

Anna Carrington, though an orphan, has lived a charmed life. Taken into the St. James household after her parents’ death she has wanted for nothing. Doted on by Jared’s mother, she is content with her life. In fact she dreads her coming out as she will be expected to marry. And she only wants one man, and that is Jared. How could a man of Jared’s standing and experience ever want her?

Guilty Pleasure Alert! I absolutely adored this short read and have read it twice already. Both Jared and Anna long for one another but propriety dictates they cannot be. Jared, who always adheres to societies mores, decides he can’t continue on without her and sets out to ask for her hand. Anna is clueless at first but overcome with joy when she realizes his intent. What follows is totally out of their control and a wonderful culmination of decadent desires on Jared’s part, and yearnings she doesn’t understand but embraces on Anna’s.

The jaded man and the innocent ingénue is no new story, but the author added in the love and respect both had for the other and made this truly something special. I loved that Jared shed his refined persona and was a man who hungered for his mate, and that Anna embraced her sensuality and innocently followed Jared’s lead. This led to a hot and steamy read I will return to again and again. I understand this is this author's first book and am wowed at her talent for weaving such a tale. I anticipate more works by this new author.  

Book Blurb for A Duke's Desire

Desire can bend even the most sterling character to its will.

Anna Carrington is no longer a child, but a marriageable young woman who has loved the Duke of Fairmount for years. She has kept her love for him well hidden, sure that even if, by some miracle, he did return her feelings, his dedication to propriety would never allow him to marry his ward.

Jared St. James is known for his strict adherence to the rules of society and respectability, even though he finds himself lusting after Anna. Having struggled against his desire to his young ward, he decides the only way to right the situation is to marry her off, but will she accept the man he has chosen for her or stake claim to her innocence?

Night Owl Reviews Mar, 2011 4.75