• On Dec 21, 2016, Tamazon said: Winner

    The lucky winner is: Randi C.

  • On Dec 20, 2016, clojo said: Loch Ness...

    I first heard about the Loch Ness monster when I was a little kid and I always thought the story was intriguing. I imagine her to be ferocious...

  • On Dec 18, 2016, MdotDrizzi said: Nessie

    I definitely first thought of the Loch Ness Monster as something ferocious.

  • On Dec 18, 2016, ELF said: It's been a long time...

    but I've never thought of Nessie as vicious, just as a being who would rather not be bothered by puny humans!

  • On Dec 17, 2016, Jana Leah said: Loch Ness

    I've bee to Loch Ness. Unfortunately I didn't see Nessy. I think she's friendly.

  • On Dec 15, 2016, shyone said: Nessy

    I first heard of the loch ness monster as a child. I think Nessy is probably cute but not cuddly.

  • On Dec 14, 2016, Wytmagic said: Nessy

    When I was a child. She was supposedly friendly.

  • On Dec 13, 2016, Sue A said: first hear about the Loch Ness monster...

    I first heard about the Loch Ness monster when I was in elementary school. I can imagine a cute Nessy but not a cuddly one.

  • On Dec 11, 2016, honeyb said: Nessie

    When I was young and She is Cute and Maybe not so cuddly since she is Huge and Wet and probably a little slimy but Nice and Cute :)

  • On Dec 09, 2016, Renald said: Nessy

    I heard about Nessy when I was a teenager, I think he is like a seal . Just swimming around looking for fish.

  • On Dec 09, 2016, shorty said: nessy

    I remember hearing about Nessie when I was a little kid, I think that he is cuddly

  • On Dec 09, 2016, Bmhy said: Loch Ness

    I heard about Nessy many years ago when I was a child. I think of Nessy as a shy mysterious creature who tries to avoid all contact with humans.

  • On Dec 08, 2016, JeanMP said: Nessy

    Heard about Nessy as a child, I don't think of it as cute

  • On Dec 08, 2016, mmdevine said: When did you hear about Nessy?

    I heard about Nessy as a child. I would like to think of her as cute and cuddly but she probably isn't.

  • On Dec 08, 2016, Wendyrinebold said: Nessy

    I heard about Nessy as a kid. I do not think she's cute and cuddly.

  • On Dec 07, 2016, Queenbethanny said: Loch Ness

    I also heard of Nessy as a kind animal living in the loch

  • On Dec 07, 2016, Michelle Willms said: Loch Ness Monster

    I first heard about the Loch Ness Monster when I was a very young child. As soon as I was able, I was searching for information on my own. I think Nessie is territorial, and prefers to be left alone. She prefers no attention and will not harm people unless pushed. Then, she'll leave no clues rather than allowing people to learn anything more about her.