• On Feb 23, 2018, Tamazon (Moderator) said: Winner

    Our lucky $15 Amazon card winner is Susan S.

  • On Feb 23, 2018, Sylvie said: Locaton

    I don't really have a favorite location. What I love is when an author is able to make me feel like I've visited some locale I'd likely never visit in real life.

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  • On Feb 22, 2018, saleago said: location

    Any location not familiar to me is good.

  • On Feb 22, 2018, angienb said: location

    I don't have a fave book location. Doesn't matter to me so long as it fits with the story!

  • On Feb 22, 2018, Llovejoy said: Wild

    Probably the beach would be my favorite, but it's sadly over done in romance books. I've heard a lot of chatter about this book so im excited to read this. M/M is one of my favorite genres

  • On Feb 22, 2018, caseygarvey said: location

    My favorite book location would be the west. I love cowboys!

  • On Feb 22, 2018, DianeS said: Location?

    I enjoy very location - love to armchair travel!

  • On Feb 21, 2018, Rita Spratlen said: Great Books

    I don't have a favorite place. I find many places great after the author has taken me there!!

  • On Feb 21, 2018, versatileer said: #Pets #BookGiveaway #SouthernAuthors

    I like when a book is set in Australia!

  • On Feb 13, 2018, Adnor said: Adrienne-Wilder wonderful author!

    Thank you for having this sweepstakes AND sharing your gift with us!

  • On Feb 12, 2018, shorty said: Location

    I like small towns

  • On Feb 12, 2018, Didi said: Favorite locations for book

    I don’t have anything particular. I mean, I love reading historical story set in Scotland with highlander heroes, but I’m open to others as well. I’m really not picky when it comes to location where the book take place. :)

  • On Feb 11, 2018, rosebud said: Scotland

    I love the landscape

  • On Feb 11, 2018, Nikolina said: Location

    I love the rush of big cities!

  • On Feb 11, 2018, somerss said: Sandy Somers says Favorite Location

    I love the rugged wilderness

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Money said: Location

    I like a place with mystery, a new and strange place. Thank you

  • On Feb 10, 2018, SerbianPrincess said: Favorite Locations

    Small towns

  • On Feb 10, 2018, AmbieRose said: My Favorite Location in Books

    Small Towns, Beach, Mountains. The books sounds interesting. Thank you for the chance!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, Tashia Jennings said: Favorite location

    I lovr reading stories set in snow covered wilderness or mountains.

    Thank you for this wonderful chance!

  • On Feb 10, 2018, onyiakpanisi said: Locations

    I love desert or islands.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, marybelle said: locations

    Hi, no absolute favorite location. Happy to travel the globe.

  • On Feb 10, 2018, emoffitt said: Favorite Book Location

    Out in the wilderness

  • On Feb 10, 2018, lasvegasnan said: Favorite location


  • On Feb 10, 2018, Katrina Dehart said: Favorite place

    Mysterious houses in the middle of nowhere

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Judy Thomas said: Locations

    I love books that are set in small towns and communities because all the characters and relationships seem to be more intricate.

  • On Feb 09, 2018, Lisaward said: Comment

    Small Towns , Mountians , ..

    This book sounds really good..

  • On Feb 03, 2018, KarenH said: favorite location

    I like historicals set in England or USA (but not the western states).

  • On Feb 01, 2018, honeyb said: Favorite Book Location

    Any Small Town

  • On Jan 29, 2018, Ivythebookgeek said: Favorite Location?

    I really don't have a favorite location.

  • On Jan 29, 2018, Jodi Hunter said: Anywhere

    As long as the story is awesome it does not matter.

  • On Jan 25, 2018, orchdlady said: Book setting

    I like books set in interesting locations that can be described like a character.

  • On Jan 25, 2018, bncandg said: re:

    no fav

  • On Jan 24, 2018, ELF said: Quite a companion!

    I wonder if the potency of Pello's "contributions" change according to what he's consumed? Thanks for sharing and good luck with the release!