• On Jun 01, 2014, adaffern said: Goblin

    Sounds like a good read.

  • On May 29, 2014, Jana Leah said: Goblin Fires

    A great read. Thanks for the giveaway.

  • On May 19, 2014, leevliv said: Goblin Fires

    looks like another great book to read. thank you for sharing.

  • On May 10, 2014, woodmoremom said: swelker

    Looks good!! Can't wait to read!!!

  • On May 07, 2014, melissa weeks said: kool book

    thanks for the giveaway the book looks kool

  • On May 07, 2014, txgrll said: Great books.

    Thanks for sharing.

  • On May 07, 2014, Deal Sharing Aunt said: courts

    will each court have its own series?

  • On May 07, 2014, Gwen said: Goblin Fires

    I foster homeless books, much to my husband's dismay :) tee he...... I have more books in my closet than shoes and clothes.

  • On May 06, 2014, anita said: Thanks....

    for the tour and the giveaway!

    Pat C.

  • On May 06, 2014, avonsherry said: tour

    Good Luck! keep up the good work.

  • On May 06, 2014, Renald said: Hello

    Good luck with the tour.

  • On May 06, 2014, I am me said: Goblin fires

    Looks like a good book to read

  • On May 06, 2014, ELF said: Not everyone uses FB

    But good luck on your release, anyway!

  • On May 03, 2014, Karen said: Goblin Firest

    New-to-me author. Book sounds good.

  • On May 03, 2014, Laurie G said: GOBLIN FIRES

    WOW! Reagan has quite a task ahead of her, protecting Ceri for life. I'd love to read how she handles her life's mission.

  • On May 03, 2014, Karla Eakin said: Fire Burning eyes

    you can see the flames dancing in her eyes on this cover..just taunting you to read her story

  • On May 02, 2014, Hotcha said: GOBLIN FIRES