• On Aug 30, 2016, Michelle Willms said: Boots

    I love the colors in Mia's; her's are my pick for all things dressy. For most occasions, those, I'd be wearin Jillian's or Em's boots. They're more my usual day-to-day style. I guess what I'm saying is that I'd need them all.

  • On Aug 26, 2016, MoonMaiden said: Color baby!

    Going with Mia cause color rocks and cause I own a pair of pink and teal boots!

  • On Aug 25, 2016, deblynn said: Cowboys

    Oh I love me some Cowboys thank you so much for the opportunity and your generosity

  • On Aug 25, 2016, Patty Michinko said: Pick Em's

    Love all 3 boots. I think Em's would go with the most stuff so I choose hers. Thanks for the chance. Hopeful

  • On Aug 25, 2016, DebraTaylor said: Cowgirl Boots

    I love cowgirl boots but Em's choice would be my pick. The middle ones because I love black boots.

  • On Aug 25, 2016, jeannietone said: Boots

    I love all of your picks...

    My favorite pair that I have ever had has to be an old pair of tan leather cowboy boots. They were super comfortable... I wore the heck out of them between the ages of 16 and 22. Sadly they had to be put down aka retired.

    If i had to pick a pair out of the three you ladies posted... it would have to be Jillian's pair as they remind me of my old pair just with more designs on them.

  • On Aug 22, 2016, ECRay said: Boots Galore

    ALL the boots chosen by the three authors are wonderful for different reasons. One is colorful and has flowers. Another is definitely an epitome of the Rock Star chick. And the lacey one is also hard and soft at the same time.

    For me, I like a combination of all three. The essence of the middle one, with the lace of the third in a flowery design like the first. That would be so cool.

    But if one has to choose ONLY one, the Rock Star chick boot (the middle one) is the one.

  • On Aug 17, 2016, adaffern said: Boots

    I like Em's boots, they would go with almost anything.

  • On Aug 05, 2016, Llovejoy said: Boots

    I love Jillian's boots ! YeeHaw they're pretty.

    Great others for this giveaway...fingers crossed xxx

  • On Aug 04, 2016, Carol L said: Great Boots

    I love Mia's boot choice. I need to mix it up and add some color to my wardrobe.

  • On Aug 04, 2016, ktandcamsmom said: Boots

    I like Jillian's choice!

  • On Aug 04, 2016, Blue Moon said: boots

    I love cowboy boots in theory, but they're not really designed for the kind of foot I have. My favorite boots are in my closet, and look a bit like motorcycle boots. They fit great, as I'm plus size, with a very wide and thick foot. They're black, ankle-height, with buckles, and they easily zip up.