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  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Artemis Milchon

    Hi Artemis! It's great to have you on today. Thanks for joining us. What is your latest book, "The Tide Turns", about? The Tide Turns is the story of Aquos, a water clan lord, who knows he's dying. He's been lost and alone for so long he's forgotten what...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Vicki Crum

    Hi Vicki! Thanks for joining us today. What is "Moonspell" about? Moonspell is a sexy, light-hearted romp about a confirmed bachelor coming to terms with his feelings about the new woman in his life. Hardly a novice in the dating world, Reed has been...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Jill Monroe

    Hi Jill! Thanks for coming and sharing your life and books with us. What is "T&A: Revelations of a Romance Novel Heroine" about? Annalise is trapped in a romance novel. At least she thinks she is. Her hero? The hot CEO billionaire the author keeps throwing...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Kelli A. Wilkins

    Hi Kelli! Thanks for coming over to Night Owl Reviews. Please tell us about your book "Loving a Wild Stranger". "Loving a Wild Stranger" is a full-length pioneer-wilderness romance is set in the Michigan Territory and blends adventure with a sensual love...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Megan Morgan

    Hi Megan, Thanks for joining us today on Night Owl Reviews. We are excited to hear about "Black Mountain Magic". What is this first book in the Kentucky Haints series about? Lorena Mills, an unpracticed witch who works for a government agency, finds herself...