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  • Annalynne Russo - Head Strong Muse

      Enter to win an eBook copy of Blood & Bondage! *** Head Strong Muse Hijacks Plot by Annalynne Russo What's a whimsical romance writer to do when a head strong muse decides to hijack the plot of her latest novella? For this author, it was...

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  • Lisa Kessler - Live Forever

    Enter to win one of two eBook copies of Night Walker! *** Who Wants to Live Forever? by Lisa Kessler Hi everyone - I'm excited to be on the Night Owl Review blog today! Have you ever wondered what it would be like to live forever? I think my fascination...

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  • Lucy Monroe - Dragon's Moon

      Enter to win a hard to come by and out of print anthology "Unleashed" with a contemporary Children of the Moon story in it! *** Exclusive Excerpt for Dragon's Moon / A Children of the Moon Novel by Lucy Monroe / NOR Author Page Dear...

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  • Writing On Wheels by M. L. Buchman

    It’s funny how the simplest thing can change your life. Mine was changed because I was simultaneously bored and terrified. No really, they can coexist. I was on a plane from South Korea to Singapore so that I could get a visa to enter Australia...

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  • Desi Moon - Accidental Intent

    Enter to win an eBook copy of Accidental Intent! *** Accidental Intent by Desi Moon Hi! My name is Desi Moon. I live in beautiful sunny Boulder Colorado with my husband Eben, two kids, three cats, a dog and I'm sure there are more animals to follow....

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Complete Abandon by Cheryl Holt

April eBook Sale - $2.99

No bargain as enticing as...

When Emma Fitzgerald storms the manor home of the new Viscount Wakefield, she feels more than justified fury. Having just in...

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