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  • Kristine Grayson - Bluebeard

    Enter to win a Print Copy of Charming Blue! *** Five Redeeming Things About Bluebeard by Kristine Grayson / NOR Author Page Ah, poor Bluebeard. He is so misunderstood. At least that’s what Cantankerous Belle [aka Tank], Tinker Bell’s grumpy...

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  • Presents Type Books

    Enter to win a NOR Prize package. *** Sharing My Love of Harlequin Presents Type Books by Tammie King I love Harlequin Presents books and I'm always looking for authors who write those types of books, but are publishing themselves. I just can't...

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  • Tracy Cooper-Posey - Red-Headed Men

    Enter to win an ebook from Tracy Cooper-Posey! *** Red-Headed Men … Sigh by Tracy Cooper-Posey What is it about red-headed men? There’s a quality that draws you to them and I’m still trying to figure it out. I love dark, mysterious...

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  • Expand into Spanish

    I'm always looking for ways that authors can expand their readership, impact more readers and get services that are needed to make books better. Recently I came in contact with a professional translator (English/Spanish) and wanted to share her service...

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  • Amber Lynn Natusch - Got Caged

    Enter to win an eBook from Amber Lynn Natusch! *** Got Caged? Blog Tour by Amber Lynn Natusch When I was asked to compose a guest blog post, I had no idea what to write. As an author, it was an especially low moment. Then a great friend suggested that...

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Complete Abandon by Cheryl Holt

April eBook Sale - $2.99

No bargain as enticing as...

When Emma Fitzgerald storms the manor home of the new Viscount Wakefield, she feels more than justified fury. Having just in...

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