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  • 5 Things I Learned About Promoting Books For Free

    Let me start off by saying this: I hate any form of social media. Which, in this age and time, can be a problem. I tried to be active on Facebook (FB) (like, really active with posts about me, and pictures, and all that). I also tried to be active on...

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  • Four Kids & a Rocky Mountain Cowboy Daddy for Christmas

    A Found Family for Christmas In Rocky Mountain Cowboy Christmas , I combine two of my favorite themes: unconventional people and found families. Growing up, Camille never really celebrated holidays, and she continued this tradition—or lack of traditions—as...

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  • Mr. & Mrs., Two Wolf Shifter Doctor's for Christmas

    It's always good to make a great first impression on a she-wolf you might be drawn to. Rescuing a boy from a kidnapper at a crowded, busy mall at Christmastime couldn't have afforded Dr. Aidan Denali a better scenario for showing what a hero he could...

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  • Stories of a Small Town Zoo

    In my romance book  Wild on My Mind , Fluffy is a honey badger on a match-making mission. He’s mischievous and smart, and he wants just two things in life: adventure and honey-covered treats. Fortunately, he has a plan that will give him both....

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  • Writing a Texas Christmas Romance

    Where is it usually? Up here in Montana. Feet of it. One thing about living at near mile high altitude and far enough north to throw a rock across the Canadian border, I hardly ever worry whether there will be enough of the white stuff for Santa to zoom...

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The Demon Deliverance by Victoria Danann


Winner Scifi-Fantasy Novel of the Year! Reviewers Choice Awards, The Paranormal Roma...

Kindle Unlimited Selection

Fire in His Veins by Ruby Dixon

A Post-Apocalyptic Dragon Romance

I’ve wanted Andrea since the moment I saw her.

But she’s human. I’m drakoni. The only way I’ll stay sane and not lose myself to the madness that...