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  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Sheila Roberts

    Tax day is behind us (in the U.S. anyway!)—yeah! Time for some light-hearted fun from Sheila Roberts, who celebrates the launch of her new series today with WELCOME TO MOONLIGHT HARBOR. Sheila, your new book begins with Jenna Jones celebrating her 40th...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Carla Neggers

    Hi Carla! Thanks for stopping over at Night Owl Romance. With your latest Swift River Valley, THE RIVER HOUSE publishing March 27, we thought it would be fun to let our Night Owls get to know the author behind this contemporary romance series set in a...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Rachel A. Marks

    Hi Rachel! Thanks for stopping over to chat about your latest book "Fire and Bone" as well as your life. What's your book about? This story is a bit like Percy Jackson meets Gossip Girls in the grit and glam of LA. The main character, Sage, is not exactly...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Jamie Beck

    All We Knew is a romance set in your Cabot series. What can you tell readers about the Cabots? The Cabot family looks, to the outside world, like a family that has everything—a hugely successful business, wealth, and beauty. But when you look beneath...

  • Interview: Night Owl Romance Interviews Denise Grover Swank

    1) Summer Butler is such an interesting heroine! Please tell us about her background. Summer is a washed-up former teen actress from a mega popular TV show that ended nearly a decade ago and now she’s desperate for a job. 2) Growing up in front of the...