Winter's Shadow

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Winter's Shadow

Julia Farris just needs to get away and start her life over again. Her life in Phoenix, Arizona is finally over and she needs to go to a place that she’ll feel comfortable and secure in. Driving to her hometown of Edinboro, Pennsylvania seems like the best idea right now. She’ll stop at the Webb’s Bed and Breakfast and she’ll rent a room until she can find a more permanent place to live.

Arriving in Edinboro starts bringing back all the memories of growing up in this small town. It’s been twelve years that she’s been away and she’s totally surprised to see that her ex-boyfriend, Mark Webb, is now running the B&B for the past two years since his parents both passed away. Mark was an extremely special person to her years ago, but since he wanted to move to a big city to become an FBI agent and not remain in Edinboro, life seemed to deal them both a rough hand. They broke up and hadn’t seen each other since. When she takes one look at Mark now, all her feelings come flooding back to her and it seems that her heart is betraying her. Her life has been complicated enough the past twelve years so dating is completely not part of the plan for her right now.

As they start spending more and more time with each other, it seems that Julia isn’t the only one who’s feeling the spark reignite between them. Mark is thrilled that Julia has landed on the doorstep of his B&B, even if she did still think that it was run by his parents. Maybe now they can get to know each other again and bridge the twelve year gap they have between them. In the process, Mark is determined to find out why Julia is so jumpy around him and untrusting of anyone around her. He’s on a mission to find out the truth one way or another. The question is will Julia begin to trust him again as she did years ago to tell him why she’s starting a new life back in Edinboro? But Mark is still a part-time FBI agent and once he finds out what’s going on will he still be interested enough to rekindle their romance together?

I absolutely adored this book! The characters were extremely likeable while the storyline was thoroughly entertaining and suspense filled right to the very last page. Ms. Cavanaugh knows how to write Romantic Suspense novels that keep you on the edge of your seat wanting more. I loved Mark and Julia and I was hoping she would trust him enough to help her in her screwed up situation. They had a wonderful chemistry together that sealed the deal for me with this book. This is one that I’ll definitely add to my library and without a doubt I’ll be reading more from this talented author in the near future. Well done!

Re-Issued Review. Originally reviewed on 1/18/2011. Book has a new publisher.

Book Blurb for Winter's Shadow

Living for years amidst a whirlwind of fear and danger, Julia Farris finally snaps free from the bonds that kept her in Arizona. But when she arrives in her hometown of Edinboro, Pennsylvania, she realizes she’s jumped out of the frying pan and into the fire.

With the death of his parents, Mark Webb went to part time at the local police department to run his parents’ bed and breakfast, a job he’s begun to think very lonely until his old high school flame shows up.

As Julia tries to seize control of her life, she finds herself intrigued with the possibilities presented by Mark’s presence. But getting closer to Mark might spell disaster. What’s a girl to do when one ex might be dead and the other wears a badge?

This title has been previously published and has been re-edited for your enjoyment.

Night Owl Reviews Feb, 2014 5.00