Runaway Princess

Princess Regina lives a very sheltered existence. Her father keeps her and the rest of her sisters within the palace walls from any male prying eyes to keep their virtue in tact and to make sure his enemies don't use them against him. Regina however, is done living this way and travels to a pleasure planet in order to experience all the lustful ways that can be had between men and women.

Brock Greggor is one of the palace guards and has wanted Regina since the first time he laid eyes on her. Only problem is, he isn't of royal blood and therefore cannot be with her in any way. He discovers her escape from the palace and follows her to the pleasure planet with the idea of bringing her back. Her innocence intrigues him and he relents to teaching her just a few of the ways pleasure can be had.

I will start by saying that although it is recommended to read Princess Slave first before Runaway Princess, you don't have to since both of these books could be read as a standalone. I was really intrigued by how undeniably innocent Regina is. She hadn't ever even seen the male anatomy let alone know what goes where. It went beyond just being a virgin, so her curiosity was somewhat refreshing. I also found the idea of a pleasure planet interesting. Basically, a no-holds barred sex fest with levels of comfort for everyone, but I lost interest when it came to the matter of the sex slaves. The plot was fairly fast paced, but not as smooth as I would have liked. There were moments in which I wasn't sure how we got from one point to the next so quickly. However, I will go back and read the first in this series to get the full experience. Recommended reading for those who like quick and to the point plotlines.

Book Blurb for Runaway Princess

Erotic Scarlet Miniature
Rating: 2Rose (science fiction, ménage)
Page Count: 140

Princess Regina Timna's vacation on Melopa, the pleasure planet, is cut short when she's taken captive by a mysterious masked man. Though her goal had been to experience the heights of pleasure before her father marries her off to some old fop, she now regrets her decision to leave her home planet. If only her captor were the Lieutenant from her father's guard—and the man of her dreams!

Sexy palace guard Brack Greggor could kill Regina for running away to the sex planet. Lucky for her, he was in the right place at the right time to buy the beautiful princess from a sex slave trader. But he needs to teach Regina a lesson she'll never forget, so he dons a mask and proceeds to show her the danger of her hair-brained plan. Can he survive demonstrating the erotic pleasure Melopa has to offer—without losing his heart to the Runaway Princess?


Night Owl Reviews Sep, 2010 3.00